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The nursing profession contributes to the health services in a vital and significant way in the health delivery system. It recognises national health goal and is committed to participate in the implementation of national health policies and programs.
Ithaya Jyothi College of Nursing which professes the motto “Health & Empowerment” shoulders this contribution since 2011 by preparing qualified nurses to assure responsibilities as professional and competent nurses and midwives to provide, promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative services.

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Our Coursea

Ithaya Jyothi College of Nursing has only one Nursing programme 4 years B.Sc (Nursing) degree programme. The curriculum and syllabi for this course is prescribed by the university from time to time. The course will normally commence from Ist August every year. English shall be the medium of Instruction, both for study and examinations. The attendance required for the admissions to the examinations is 90% in each subject both theory and practical separately. Lack of attendance in any one subject will be disqualified for the entire examination.

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